Call for Exhibit Proposals

Proposals for Our 2019 Season: Start Accepting on December 1, 2017

The Georgetown Art Center (managed by Georgetown Art Works, a non-profit organization) is a welcoming environment for visitors to view, appreciate, create and purchase art.

Our Mission: “The Georgetown Art Center elevates and enriches the visual arts landscape for the cultural and educational benefit of our diverse audiences. Through innovative, intelligent exhibits and programs, we engage and challenge the greater community through the visual arts.”

Our exhibits are designed to stimulate conversation, inspire creativity and increase the understanding of art in the context of today’s society and our community. We coordinate additional programs with our exhibits.  Our members and visitors are interested in exhibit-related  artist talks and lectures (learning more about the artist and the art) and  studio workshops (learning from the artists).

Georgetown Art Center accepts artist proposals annually through, typically in the fall / winter. All proposals are first reviewed by a panel.


  • Submissions Due Date:  January 31, 2018
  • All Artist Notifications: March 1, 2018
  • Finalists Interviews: March 2 to March 31, 2018
  • Contracts Due: May 1, 2018

Georgetown Art Works hosts a panel comprising of artists, educators, art supporters and community members. The group provides a range of cultural and personal perspectives to The Georgetown Art Center’s exhibition development process. It offers valuable insight which aids in the planning of the upcoming exhibition calendar.

For questions in regard submissions, please email  (



Our criteria for consideration when creating the exhibition schedule:

  • How does the artwork support The Georgetown Art Center mission statement?
  • What are the themes or concepts being explored?
  • Has it been exhibited in our region (30 miles radius of Georgetown) before?
  • What makes it standout/unique?
  • Is this work suitable for a one person show or group show?
  • How does the artwork come together for the exhibition?
  • Is it too similar to anything we have done in the past, thematic, medium, palette etc?
  • Does the work address contemporary issues – socioeconomic, political, cultural, regional and global? The artistic, social, cultural implications of the exhibition.
  • How can the exhibition facilitate community interaction and collaboration through programming and partnerships?
  • Does the work allow for exhibition design, programming and special events which would offer layers of interaction and learning throughout the art center?
  • Technical requirements for exhibition (e.g. internet connection, VCR, digital projection, etc.).
  • Types of media represented and how the artwork relates to each other and to the space.
  • Will the exhibit promote tourism? (Encourage people to travel to Georgetown and support local businesses.)


Artists considering submitting exhibit proposals should:

  1. Visit the gallery and review whether your work is appropriate for the Georgetown Art Center. If a visit is not possible, explore our website and past exhibitions.
  2. Consider how the space will be utilized.
  3. Complete proposal form.

Artists selected to exhibit at The Georgetown Art Center will…

  • Understand that they will work with the exhibit committee to create an exhibition that encourages engaging and interactive experiences with the selected work.
  • Understand that that all work will be reviewed and approved prior to hanging.
  • Agree to do an Artist Talk to accompany the exhibit. Usually the Sunday after the Friday exhibit opening.
  • Attend the Artist Reception, the Saturday evening (6to 9 PM) after the Friday opening.
  • Maintain open and straight forward communications with The Georgetown Art Center contact(s) regarding any special needs or requirements for the work.