We have a small, but lovingly curated gift shop

adjacent to main exhibit gallery with many 

unique, locally made items.


Artist of the Gift Shop – Delyce Ruyle

Born in Greeley Colorado, moved to Grandlake Colorado at age 8. Only 50 people and tons of snow was boring. My folks bought a kiln and a lifetime of joyful hobbies began.

Mom taught all three of us kids how to do ceramic, cake decorating, candle carving and all the arts. China painting is the one that I find most rewarding. I inherited my mom’s blank china and supplies ten years ago. This is when I started china painting seriously again.

The process is complicated but can open up more possibilities than imagined. I see something and the words just come out, “ I need to paint that.” This brings questions of: what type of china should I use (vase, dish, box or tile)? Should the piece be decorative, functional, food safe, dishwasher safe, micro wave able or all of the above? What technique do I want to do? Enamels, metallics, lusters, gold/silver, silkscreen, turpentine, fiberglass and more.

 After those decisions I must mix the powder paint with the appropriate medium and decide what degree to fire this piece. Mostly I kiln fire at 017 which is cooler than a clay fire. I may trace or free hand a design. Whatever I paint for the firsts fire will show through all the next 3-5 fires. It has to be right the first time.

The other main hobby is jewelry making: kumihimo, wire crochet, wire wrapping, belt buckle pendants, steam punk, redoing and string beading. I teach both hobbies.

If you would like to submit your art for consideration, go to this form.