We have a small, but lovingly curated gift shop

adjacent to main exhibit gallery with many

unique, locally made items.


Artist of the Gift Shop – Heidi Pitre

I am originally from New Orleans and began making art at a very young age, despite the fact that I was not raised in an artistic household. Even though my parents were not artistic, they always encouraged and supported my work.

I was awarded a residency in a small Texas town in 2015. While there I went to the library and noticed they still had the library borrower cards in the books, even though they had evolved to a digital system. I asked the librarian if I could have the cards. They sat on my desk for weeks before the idea struck me to illustrate something on the card that relates to the book it was from. After that, I became obsessed with the finding of the cards, and turning these forgotten pieces of ephemera into works of art.

A Permanent Record is dedicated to my love of books and nostalgia. I love when someone sees one of my drawings on a card from their favorite book. I watch them explain it to the person next to them, or a younger viewer, and I feel as if I’ve created some sort of connection or thread that goes beyond my little drawing, on something that would otherwise be considered trash.

Most of my work is fueled by story telling and humor, odd situations and overheard stories. You can view more on my website at http://heidipitre.com

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