We have a small, but lovingly curated gift shop

adjacent to main exhibit gallery with many

unique, locally made items.


Artist of the Gift Shop – Stephanie Jimenez

Since I was little I crafted and sketched but my Art Studio and Fashion Design classes at UT opened up this portal to imagination and creativity.  After school, I designed clothing, jewelry and eventually became a freelance illustrator.  I illustrated professionally for over a decade before I felt comfortable labeling myself as an artist. I knew I was making something but I didn’t necessarily see it as art.

My creative process for the jewelry in the Georgetown Art Center gift shop begins with the feel and color of the stones I want to work with.  Some demand to be wrapped singularly and some demand to be more grand in size and design.  I’ll usually pencil sketch a few ideas that I have before start cutting wire and chain but other times, the process is more organic and just happens without having to design or think about it.

I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone by experimenting with different media and techniques.   In the shop, I currently have intricate wire wrapped jewelry but I also work with a variety of media to create both small sketches to large scale murals.  When I’m style sketching for events, I tend to use Prismacolor markers and calligraphy pens.  A couple of times a year, I work on more intricate fine paintings and blend gouache watercolor and ink.  These test my limits which is why they don’t happen as often.

Some of my artwork is inspired by historic heroines and their style, while my jewelry and abstract art is inspired by geometry and the tension that can be created between its fluidity and structure.

Outside of creating art, I enjoy reading, yoga, cookbook clubs with friends and playing D+D with my husband and twin stepsons. Super cool, I know.

If you would like to submit your art for consideration, go to this form.